Photo Gallery – Sapa (Vietnam) and Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw (Laos)

I thought it would be nice to focus more on the pictures than words for a change. Also, this is the fastest way for me to catch up on my posts. American laziness combined with German efficiency…it’s so beautiful.


(Above: View from the boat in Halong Bay. 2 days/1 night of good food, great friends, kayaking and swimming.)


(Above: The rice patties of Sapa, Vietnam. Also pictured; one very handsome man. He’s hard to see though. He’s behind my giant head)


(Above : Two villagers hard at work in the rice fields of Sapa)


(Above: Trekking in the mountains of Sapa. We lucked out and had great weather on the longest trekking day of our 3 day tour.)


(Above: Relaxing at the end of the day. Half of us went swimming, the other half napped on warm rocks)


(Above: The view from Phu Si Temple in Luang Prabang, Laos. It’s hazy due to the season. It’s the warmest time of the year, and controled burnings of the forest are taking place.)


(Above: Night Market in Luang Prabang. One of the best night markets I’ve been too.)


(Above: More night market pictures. Naama loved shopping there, so I had some time to kill.)


(Above: Tak Bat – the morning collection of alms by Buddhist monks.)


(Above: Young boys and their offerings to the monks.)


(Above: Kuang Si Falls, about 45 minutes outside of Luang Prabang.)


(Above: Naama, myself, Amit, and Noa at the waterfalls. Not pictured: rope swing jumps and horrible belly flops.)


(Above: A pretty picture.)

IMG_2569 IMG_2566

IMG_2575 IMG_2582

(Above: The previous 4 pictures were taken in Nang Khiaw, Laos. I went on a solo hike through some villages and these kids came out to investigate (aka ask for candy). They thought my glasses were funny, and we ended up taking lots of pictures and just being fools. They then took me swimming and we were joined by about 15 other kids. After I jumped in the river, I was surrounded by the little demons and a massive splash war ensued. I spent the next half hour throwing kids into the water. It was one of my favorite trip experiences so far.)


(Above: Enjoying the boat ride back to the village of Nang Khiaw, Laos.)