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In short, I’m a soon to be 32 year old man with a burning desire to see the world. After a month long trip to India and Nepal back in 2008, my first trip outside of my comfort zone, my thirst to see the world has grown each year. After several more month long trips to Europe and South America, I decided that I needed something more. This trip is exactly that.  It’s about the unknown. It’s about challenging myself. It’s about listening to myself and living the life I want to live. For better or for worse, here I go…64683_10150098261218102_637798101_7532600_2517220_n


9 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hi Larry! Best wishes to you on the beginning of your awesome adventure! Looking forward to your blog posts. Hope you have a fun and enlightening journey on this path into the unknown! Take Care!

  2. LARRY! Live it up, have a great time, get WEIRD! And good luck finding a better bottom bunk mate like you found in Interlaken!

  3. I want to say beware of the ladyboys but that’s only if you go to the red light district which i know you won’t so have fun in asia. Maybe see you in Taiwan later!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!! Cliche’s aside, you truly deserve all the world has to offer. Now it’s up to you to experience and explore various cultures, the magnificent scenery, and most importantly- to learn more about yourself as a person. In the past seven months I have known you, I have been amazed at how selfless you truly are. Behind the very nice facade is a man who has been through enough, yet at the same time is most often concerned with the well-being of his family and friends. Larry, you are adored by so many people. Please remind yourself how truly appreciated and loved you are. With every single person you have introduced me to, from children to those much wiser than you and I- I can see it in their eyes and ascending inflection that you hold a special place in their hearts. May this year bring you an abundance of laughter, enlightenment, and satisfaction. I hope this is your best birthday yet.



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