Photo Gallery: A glimpse of South India

Here are just a few snapshots of southern India. Pictures, as usual (and especially when I take them), don’t do this place justice.

Oh, and I must say this. Of all the countries I’ve visited in this last year, the people in southern India have been the kindest and most helpful. Well done, India!



(Above: Mysore Palace, lit up at night. They light this palace up from 7pm to 8pm every Sunday, as well as on public holidays. I lucked out, as my train arrived at 6:45pm on a Sunday night. Yay, coincidences!)


IMG_7787 IMG_7768 IMG_7754   IMG_7734IMG_7631

(Above: Trekking in Ooty. Located in the high altitudes of the Western Ghats, Ooty was cold, real cold. I’m talking thermals, beanies and see your breath cold. Ok, so it’s not the big freeze, but considering I haven’t had a real winter in about 2 years it was a pretty big deal! Ooty is stunning, especially the steam train ride into the town. It’s a sea of shades of green with a crisp cold air that awakens your lungs.)


(Above: Loes right after she wakes up in the morning. ZING!)


No pictures taken. Too busy swimming, sunning, and funning. I’m disappointed in myself that I wrote “sunning and funning”, but I won’t delete it. I have to teach myself a lesson.


IMG_7861 IMG_7864 IMG_7873IMG_7879  IMG_7885IMG_7877 IMG_7880  IMG_7888 IMG_7903 IMG_7906


(Above: This picture is completely natural, I swear.)



(Above: Me being blessed by an elephant. I’m not a religious man, but when an elephant blesses you, you better just go with it.)

IMG_8039 IMG_8030  IMG_8001

(Above: Just me and my new friend.)

IMG_7987 IMG_7983

(Above: The view across from our hotel (left), and the sweetest ride you’ll ever find (right). Sadly, no helmet was provided so I didn’t rent it. Safety first, kids!)

Hampi is a wonderous city, full of ruins and a landscape like I’ve never seen. Oh, and it’s full of Israelis. Never have I been to a place so full of one nationality. Want some falafal? Go to Hampi.

Udupi, Karnataka, India

IMG_8086IMG_8088 IMG_8095

(Above: Some pretty lights and an even prettier elephant. Actually, this was a Hari Krishna nighty ritual. The day before they had a midnight festival. We arrived at 5:30am and the parade was still going on. Say what you will, but Indians know how to party.)

Last but not least, there is this.

No explanation required.


5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: A glimpse of South India

  1. What was that dance larry? It looked like some kind of bird flu dance. I love the moving tail feathers, I’m sending this to kanye west.

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